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Most Reliable Sage 500 ERP Hosting Services

Visit Optim360 to manage your cash flow with digital invoicing, online payments, automated bank reconciliation, Microsoft Excel-based reporting and much more to expand your business more strategically.


Empower Your Business with Sage Cloud Hosting

Customized Plans

Real-time Monitoring

Get instant access to Sage 500 ERP cloud whether you have desktop, mobile, laptop or any other devices and continue to work on your accounting operations from anywhere.

Data Backups

Automatic Backups

Keep your Sage 500 ERP financial data secured, encrypted and untouched with automatic data backup recovery feature and create instant backups to avoid accidental data loss.


Transparency & Collaboration

Improve your efficiency with our custom-made hosting environment and access the same file from different locations to deliver your tasks on time.

Cost Effective Solutions

Cost Effective Solution

Save your money to pay for the resources you actually use without purchasing expensive servers or security measures.

Optimize your Business with Sage 500 ERP Cloud Hosting


Increase Business Efficiency with Sage 500 ERP Cloud features

 - Zero IT Expenses and cost maintenance.

 - Tailored and Flexible Resources.

 - Streamline IT Infrastructure with user-friendly interface.

 - Incredible Backup Power and faster security systems. 

 - Virtual workspace, customized plans and ease of collaboration.

Power of Sage 500 ERP System

 - Choose the server resources as per your business needs.

 - Avoid extra expenses on overpriced servers or data protectors. 

 - Set permissions for authorized users to access relevant business info.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
data intact

Keep your Sage 500 data intact with Endpoint Security & Control

 - Prevent natural or human made disasters and recover your data for maintaining continuous business operations.

 - Create regular backups to avoid sudden data loss, replication or redundancy.  

 - Minimize the risk of cyberattacks through incident investigation, automated responses, and threat hunting activities.

Learn Teamwork & Collaboration with Sage 500 Hosting

 - Sage 500 ERP allows you to access your files in multi-user mode.

 - From clients, business partners to accountants, all can work together from different locations or different devices. 

 - Complete urgent tasks on time and optimize your expenses. 

Learn Teamwork

Manage your Cash Flow with Sage 500 Hosting on Cloud

Oversee your business operations and work in sync with your team

Customized Plans

Customized Resources

We allow you to customize your server resources and number of users anytime as per your business needs or requirements.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Protection & Security

Sage 500 Cloud Hosting provides a fully secure environment to protect your crucial data with data encryption, disaster recovery and endpoint controls.

continuous improvement

Business Continuity Management

Sage 500 cloud hosting solutions allow you to continue working on your accounting tasks even in case of local hardware failure, accidental deletions or disruptions.

Personalized Platform

Compatible with Third-Party apps

Our seamless integration facility offers you a variety of tools that are compatible with any third-party applications and services helping to accelerate your business growth.

Fast Computing

Fast Computing

You can manage RAM, processing power, bandwidth or storage as per your convenience using our Sage 500 ERP cloud hosting.

Dedicated Support

24/7 Customer Support

Contact our qualified or dedicated Sage 500 experts via Email, Toll-free services, schedule a call facility to get a compliant hosting environment meeting industry-specific standards.

Getting Started with Sage Cloud Hosting

 – Choose Your Plan: Select a hosting plan that aligns with your business needs.

 – Setup and Migration: Our team will assist you in setting up your Sage Cloud account and migrating your data, ensuring a smooth transition.

 – Enjoy Enhanced Productivity: With Sage Cloud Hosting, experience a new level of efficiency and flexibility in managing your business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can, multi-user setup in Sage 500 hosting generally involves creating user accounts with appropriate permissions and admin rights then allow users to access their data from different workstations. We at Optim360 assist you in configuring and managing multi-user setups on cloud so you can get complete accurate and up-to-date hosting solutions and streamline your workflow to the fullest.

The installation of Sage 500 on the cloud is typically managed by the hosting provider. When you choose a hosting provider like Optim360, their dedicated technical team will set up the Sage 500 application on their cloud servers, ensuring a seamless migration to the compliant hosting environment.

Small business owners can avail several benefits through Sage 500 hosting features such as remote accessibility, data security, scalability, and seamless collaboration among users. It allows businesses to enjoy the transparent and flexible pricing models without stepping out from your location.

Sage 500 hosting provides you remote access to your Sage 500 software and data, improves data security through robust hosting infrastructure, creates automatic backups, enhances business growth with customized and personalized cloud hosting services.

Sage 500 cost depends on various factors like the number of users, hosting resources, and additional services required. To know all the specific pricing, checkout our flexible Sage Hosting Pricing Plans.