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Best QuickBooks Hosting in Canada

Best accounting software cloud hosting services to host QuickBooks Pro, Premiere, Enterprise, Accountant, Add-ons, etc. in Canada. Get the power of cloud hosting in Canada.

Host any QuickBooks Version in Canada with Optim360 Cloud Hosting

Host any accounting software including QuickBooks at affordable prices and get complete security with cloud hosting benefits.

- Host Your QuickBooks Version: Host QuickBooks Pro, Pro Plus, Enterprise, Premier, Premier Plus Accountant, Point of Sale, and enjoy the power of cloud hosting.

- Choice of Hosting: Choose between standard hosting or dedicated hosting services depending upon your business requirements and get tailored pricing plans.

- Fast Computing: get faster RAM, processing power, and dedicated storage space. Never experience slow QuickBooks anymore. 

- Add-on Integration: Get the most out of your QuickBooks with more than 200+ integration options and build your workflows for seamless accounting and finance tasks.

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Reliable QuickBooks Pro hosting for growing businesses

Securely access your cloud hosted QuickBooks Pro from any device and location. Easy to collaborate. Accounting never stops.

Customized Plans

Customized Plans

Select standard or dedicated hosting, storage space, RAM, processing power, and any such specific requirements as per your business needs.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Cost-effective and affordable cloud hosting, where you choose your requirements. Select hosting type, and computing resources in use. Pay as per usage.

Data Backups

Data Backups

With reliable backup solutions in place, businesses can restore lost or corrupted data swiftly, ensuring continuity of operation and peace of mind of users.


Dedicated Support

With expert support readily available, issues are swiftly addressed, optimizing the efficiency and reliability of your financial management processes.

Seamless, Accurate, and Fast QuickBooks Hosting with Value Added Services

Dedicated servers, regular backups, state-of-the-art cyber-security, and flexible options to scale up and down as per your business requirements.

Multi-user and Multi-location Access

Get cloud-level security for your QuickBooks hosting all across Canada. Data privacy is ensured through cloud grate firewall and encryption. Also, we meet Canadian data protection standards and compliances. With all the packages for QuickBooks hosting, we offer disaster recovery and restoring your data too. We are obsessed with data privacy and our team keeps itself updated with the latest technology and solutions that keep your data safe and secure.

Data Backups, Security, and Reliable Support

Scheduled automatic backups provides disaster recovery and protects you against losing your precious financial information. Expert technical help is just a call away. You can also schedule a call at your convenience or can also mail your issues. Our data security, multi level encryption, and dedicated servers keeps your data safe. Also our periodic updates against evolving security threats ensures that you are always protected with latest technology and solutions.

Zero Downtime with Fast Computing

With  the choice of dedicated or standard server hosting options, you get reliable and continued hosting ensuring that you always get connect with QuickBooks and experience zero downtime. Also, our dedicated computing resources like the RAM, processor, multi-thread processing, etc., we ensure fast connectivity of efficient business operations.

Get QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Pricing Plans Tailored to Your Business Requirements in Canada

Reliable QuickBooks Cloud Hosting in Canada


Migration Support

Migrate from any accounting software to QuickBooks and meet the growing demands of your business with ease. Get the boost of cloud hosting for efficient QuickBooks working.

Cost Effective Solutions

Customized Pricing

Choose your server, standard and dedicated as per your business requirements. Get the payment plan customized as per your hosting requirements and get transparent pricing.

Add ons Integration

Add-ons Integration

We also host QuickBooks integrations. You can also host any specific add-ons so that you can get the most of your QuickBooks in Canada.


Expert Support

Get 24/7 expert technical assistance and never experience any issue. You can schedule a call as per your convenience, write a mail or dial a tollfree number.

Cost Savings

Cost Effective

Choose your configurations, storage space, RAM requirements, processing power, etc. and make your own service bundle. Pay for the resources you choose.

Anytime Access

Zero Downtime

Reliable QuickBooks hosting in Canada offering 99.99% uptime. Our technical experts are working 24/7 to ensure seamless and fast cloud services for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the versions of QuickBooks Canada can be hosted on cloud such as QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Desktop Premier, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

QuickBooks Pro Hosting is a service through which the users can access QuickBooks Pro Desktop on remote servers allowing cloud access. QuickBooks Pro hosting is beneficial for businesses who are looking for remote collaboration, automated backups, data security, and high performance.

Both the countries have different ways of handling taxes, and the two different versions of QuickBooks reflect their significant difference in bookkeeping. For instance, the U.S includes the sales tax whereas Canada has a sales tax as well as the goods and services tax (GST) that need to be taken into account.

No, you can’t switch versions from one nation to another. You are required to make a new account for the country you want to use and terminate the service for the United states.